Inline with the guidance given by Gurubani, whatever Shriman Sant Baba Karma Singh Ji Maharaj used to say, he actually did. He was born at village Kaure, Tehsil Batala, District Gurdaspur. The village is situated at a distance of 1.00 km from a link road and 12.00 km away from main road joining Mehta Chowk and Hargobindpura. Blessed is the father, the community and the mother by whom the guru was born. Shrimati Gurdip Kaur, Mother and Shri Baba Sham Singh, fathers were blessed due to his birth which is in line with the contexts of Gurbani. He was keenly interested in worship of God by birth. His quest search of eternal knowledge of the almighty increased day by day.

He strived for 12-13 years to find the place and the ways and means to attain his spiritual good. One day he went to bring fodder from the fields. With grace of God he went to 'Gurdwara Baba Bakal' instead of returning home. He stayed there for a few days. Then he visited 'Gurudwara Khadur Sahib', 'Gurudwara Goindwal Sahib' and 'Darbar Sahib Amritsar' and finally reached 'Anandpur Sahib'. At this place he met a saint having advanced spiritual knowledge. He earnestly requested this saint for attainment of spiritual goal. After assessing his state of mind for quest for spiritual knowledge, the saint suggested him to go to Shriman Sant Baba Isher Singh Ji Maharaj of Rara Sahib. He reached 'Rara Sahib' going via 'Reru Sahib'. He learnt methods of meditation from 'Shriman Sant Isher Singh Ji Maharaj'. He did service in Gurudwara free Kichen and free service of agriculture farming.

After sometime he showed his desire to learn the theme of Gurbani and methods of attaining spiritual knowledge. As per guidelines given by Sant Isher Singh Ji Maharaj, he devoted about 1 year to get education from 'Giani Balbir Singh Ji Sukhna Chhanan Wale'. Then he learnt recitation of Sri Guru Granth Sahib with meanings of words from Sant Amir Singh Ji at 'Dera Sato Wali Gali', Amritsar Sahib. He also devoted his time for free service at Darbar Sahib Amritsar. At this place Giani Mohan Singh Ji Azad met him as Giani Ji has also been getting education at the 'Dera Sato Wali Gali'. After this he learnt from booklets of politics and booklets of 'Vedas' with meanings and he used to recite Shri Guru Granth Sahib with themes. After this he got education from great glorious Sant Giani Waryam Singh Ji Dhurkot (Barnala) learning Holy books as 'Vichar Sagar' and Vedant. Shriman Sant Giani Waryam Singh Ji also had inner affection with him and blessed him in many ways.

From this place, residents of village Jassarwal requested and persuaded Sant Gian Waryam Singh Ji to send him with them and at the Gurdwara Sahib in village Jassarwal, he used to perform 'recitation of Gurbani and singing of Gurbani with musical instruments'. He also made efforts to persuade the followers to worship God. He was not in a habit of resting at night time. He used to sit as the bank of nearby canal and worship God at the night time daily. Now there is Gurdwara "Chohta Sahib" in his memory. There is a 24 hours from kitchen Service. A school for children up to tenth standard has been functioning. Worldly knowledge and spiritual education is imparted in this school. The name of this school is Dashmesh Public School, Village Jassarwal, Distt. Sangrur.

After this he again came to Shriman Sant Baba Ishar Singh Ji Maharaj for service of God. Now he worked in fields in day time for agricultural jobs and he used to perform in the name of recitation of holy book 'Suraj Parkash' and 'singing of gurbani with music' daily in the evening. His body was sturdy but he became ill suddenly. He did not improve even after good medical treatment. He thought it was better to get rid of physical body but Sant Ishar Singh Ji told him that we were yet to get so many jobs done by him. He was cured in a year but suffered from 'DIABETES' due to which he could not gain proper health. Then Sant Kishan Singh Maharaj Ji got his services. He stood blessed by both the saints. He became a 'Braham Giani' with their blessings. Sant Kishan Singh Ji Maharaj used to praise him that he (Sant Baba Karam Singh Ji) was the most learned person and had the capacity to sit in meditation for long time. Due to continuous sittings he was also suffering from 'Diabetes' as I was suffering. He visited various places in India and foreign countries many times and performed recitation of Gurbani and singing with music before the congrigation (gathering of followers). He got the needy person baptized and made the gatherings follow 'Sri Guru Granth Sahib'.

Then as per directions of Sant Kishan Singh Ji Maharaj during 1986, he got a 'Gurdwara Sahib' constructed at village 'Bhikhi – Khatra, Distt. Ludhiana which is situated at the distance of about 2 kilometer from the road joining Rara Sahib to Maloud. Now the name of Gurdwara is famous as 'Gurdwara Kishanpura Sidhsar Bhikhi – Khatra'. He got a building erected for school and the name of school is 'Sant Kishan Singh Memorial Public School, Bhikhi – Khatra, Ludhiana. His kidney-problem aggraved due to diabetes. Even Sant Baba Satnam Singh Ji donated his kidney but it was not successful. He, the healer of diseases of Sikh followers, giver of treatment for chronic diseases, helper of the helpless people, left the physical body made of five elements and merged in God on 14 June, 1999. He was 57 years old at that time. In a large gathering of saint community on 23rd June 1999, as per practice of Rara Sahib Gurdwara, the people of the area got 5 turbans (dastars) and appointed Sant Baba Satnam Singh Ji as head of dera in place Sant Baba Karam Singh Ji Maharaj who had served extensively when the saint was physically existing. Presently Shriman Sant Baba Satnam Singh Ji has been performing service with great enthusiasm as head of the Dera.

The death anniversary (leaving of physical body of five elements by 'Shriman Sant Baba Karam Singh Ji Maharaj') is celebrated with faith love and respect on 12-13-14 June every year at Gurdwara Kishanpura Sidhsar, Bhikhi – Khatra (near Rara Sahib, Distt. Ludhaina). Tenth day of the month (Daswi) is also celebrated every month at this place. The lectures on teachings of Gurbani are delivered on this occasion and Guru Ka Langar is served in abundance.